I believe that the unmatched strength and heart of Prosper ISD is the people. I believe in supporting our students by supporting their teachers. I believe we support our teachers by supporting their leaders. I will show up for all students, all staff, and all families. As we plan and prepare for the future of PISD, my perspective and focus will always center around supporting all people regardless of municipality or socioeconomics. 

I will utilize my time, talents, and experience to be a strong voice for our community, while remaining results driven in my role. As a dedicated husband, father, trusted leader, and Prosper ISD community member, I will uphold the strong family values that make our district the best in Texas. Through trusted leadership and a proven track record, I will support our educators through a united partnership and keep Prosper ISD thriving. 

We chose to live in Prosper ISD for one reason: the incredible environment we can provide for our children. Are we perfect? No. Do we have room to grow, evolve, adjust and learn? Of course. I firmly believe we get there by uniting what connects us all: Prosper ISD. Not too long ago our community had one high school and now we will soon be cheering for three amazing and different teams! Let’s keep that divide on the fields and courts, not in our community.

It is perfectly normal to have varying views, ideas and different opinions. I promise that I will always listen to PISD parents, residents, and community members and consider all points of view. I won't promise you that I can fix everything or solve every issue. I can promise you that I will genuinely always try to do the right thing, approach situations with an open mind, and allow my faith to be my guide. With a balance of heart and mind for the best solution for our school district, I will always represent Prosper ISD in a professional and respectable manner to better our community as a collective whole. 

I am running for a seat that is one of seven on a Board of Trustees. When difficult issues arise, I am committed to working together with the rest of the Board to help find the best solution for Prosper ISD students, staff and families. I am humbly asking for your support and vote. I will ensure that whenever faced with a decision for all students, all staff and all families, present and future, I will work to evaluate all arguments and data points prior to coming to an educated and thoughtful decision. I am all in for Prosper ISD.

On May 6th, vote for Tommy Van Wolfe
for Prosper ISD School Board, Place 5


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